Case Studies

Your Theoretical marketing knowledge is not enough to prove that you are an expert, you have to validate your ideas with case studies

Aba ElDahab Case Study

Social Selling: Using social media for sales purposes, It is essential to be value driven and in the most suitable context for the ideal buyer persona. Negative marketing for negative buyer personas generates positive marketing to the ideal buyer persona...

aba el dahab case stydy

“Qarrart A5es” Case Study

Story Telling:The relationship-building content type that sparks emotions with the prospects and supports brands humanization. Often used for Content Marketing and Inbound PR purposes....

Storytelling Case study

Wild Burger Case Study

Social Contests: are one type of Social Content, that is made to encourage engagement, build/revive brand’s relationship with prospects and audience on Social Media....

Social Contest Case Study

Inbound Age 2014 Case Study

Value-Driven Sales Content : Content marketing strategy used to help you sell more by creating valuable content highlighting the topics of your event, only applicable when it is permission based (purely Inbound)....

Inbound Age 2014 Case study

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