Consultation Service

For small business

We know you are here because you are facing obstacles when doing marketing. We provide an industry-tailored consultation that matches your size, field and expectations.


Here is the deal


and we will empower your marketing team with the skills that would reconstruct your business.

All you need to do is to provide a good execution team with the passion to make a change


of our CONSULTATION Service

Team investment

All of our efforts are directed to qualify your team and to build a community that lasts.

Point your ship to the right direction

We redirect your marketing destination so even if we break up the contract, you can guarantee that your team will have learnt to head in the right direction.

High potential of ROI

We cannot guarantee a stunning ROI (because it depends on your team’s performance).


of our CONSULTATION service

It only lasts for 90 days

  • No big achievement = We withdraw.
  • Recognizable achievement = Congrats, your business has been upgraded.

Inbound is a long term strategy

Setting 90 days to see actual results is extremely difficult, but it is our challenge and we promise real improvement in your business within 3 months.

We only work with Crazy People

If your team is not crazy enough to believe they can make a difference in their world, unfortunately we will have to infect them with our craziness. (if only they are ready)

Our Work is beyond any Guarantees

You have come to us believing that we are the best and hopefully we are not letting you down.


of our CONSULTATION Service


24 hours of Marketing Consultation for the Basic package.


Strategic Plan for every selected channel.


Intensified Training for every selected channel.


On-going Supervision on the execution team.

10 Reasons Why you shouldn’t hire us


We are a Marketing Art House rather than an agency.


We will influence your team’s perception towards Failure.


We hate the “Status Quo” known as “Stability”.


We do not embrace the formal working environment.


We are not into Performance Marketing.


We have no BIG history in Consultation.


We have no Result-Guaranteed Models.


We have no Money-back Guarantee.


Our prices might seem expensive.


Our service is prepaid.

But there is one BIG reason for you to hire us for

Our Craziness is capable of shifting gears of your entire Business

Our Service

does not fit for you if

You do not have a team dedicated to Marketing

However, if you are capable of outsourcing, you’ll need to have a look on our Management Service.

You are an enterprise that hold more than 200 employee

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