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Aba ElDahab Case Study

Social Selling: Using social media for sales purposes, It is essential to be value driven and in the most suitable context for the ideal buyer persona. Negative marketing for negative buyer personas generates positive marketing to the ideal buyer persona

The Challenge:-
A Bath shower cabinet that costs 14000 LE. This sounded insane to our culture as it’s extremely expensive to the majority of the community.

The Solution:-
We knew that such a product is Ideal for specific buyer personas, and those personas behavior would be impacted directly by viral sarcastic discussion between ordinary people about this product.
We found that the perfect solution was to publish a “Social Selling” post that mocks our product in a funny way, so that it would be recognized by our ideal buyer personas, inspired by this quote ”Negative marketing for negative buyer personas generates positive marketing to the ideal buyer persona”

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7 طرق فعاله لتطفيش خطيبك

بيقولك إيه بقى مفيش أصعب من إنك توقعي العريس 😀 لكن إنك تطفشيه فدي أسهل مما يمكن 3:) ودلوقتي …

Posted by Aba AlDahab Mall on Thursday, August 14, 2014


The Result:-
Our Social Selling post Reached approx. 150,000 people and costing around only 100$ (Although our total number of page’s fans was 10000 fan then).
Also Our Post generated more than 1005 Comments containing Sales inquiries by our Ideal Buyer personas, as a result of our targeted social Content and the smart calls to action.


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