Inbound Age 2014 Case Study

Value-Driven Sales Content : Content marketing strategy used to help you sell more by creating valuable content highlighting the topics of your event, only applicable when it is permission based (purely Inbound).

The Challenge:-
While conducting our first event “Inbound Age 2014”, our conversion rate was 8% (i.e we only sold 100 tickets out of 800 confirmed mails), and we needed to reach a minimum of 20% to bring this event to the world.

The Solution:- (Value-Driven Sales Content)
We decided to create “Value-Driven Sales Content”,  which is simply creating educational blog posts highlighting the topics discussed in our event with two purposes:-
1- Delivering Value concerning each topic in our event.
2- Marketing our event among people interested in our topics.

يعنى ايه LEAN

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يعنى ايه Lean ؟

lean يعني شيء هزيل او ضعيف بس في الـbusiness ليها معني تاني
يعني مثلاً في الصناعه في حاجه اسمها Lean…

Posted by School-Of-eMarketing on Monday, October 13, 2014

The lean social Media

بصوا بقي انا في الـArticle ده هقولهم علي خبره شخصيه حصلتلنا في School of marketing , فا محدش يقولي انا جايبه الكلام ده م…

Posted by School-Of-eMarketing on Monday, October 13, 2014

زمن المنافسة الجميل انتهى

زمن المنافسه الجميل إنتهى

أعتقد إن كلنـا ملاحظين مدى فشل الطريقة التقليدية اللي كانت تتبعها معظم الشركات لحد وقت قريب،…

Posted by School-Of-eMarketing on Tuesday, October 14, 2014

عن ال Culture Shifts اتحدث

الـ Article ده توضيحي نازل لسببين :-

الأول أن في ناس (منهم Marketers كبار ) معترضين جدا علي الArticle بتاعت الـBrand…

Posted by School-Of-eMarketing on Friday, October 10, 2014

The Result:-
After publishing our Sales Content (Blog Posts) , We were able to increase our conversion rate from 8% to more than 22% (selling more than 250 tickets in only 5 days), which is a massive increase in our conversion rate by 300%

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