“Qarrart A5es” Case Study

Story Telling:The relationship-building content type that sparks emotions with the prospects and supports brands humanization. Often used for Content Marketing and Inbound PR purposes.

The Challenge:-
It’s a Fact that people are afraid of weight loss medicine’s side effects, So we actually had two challenges, Make sure that our product is really safe to use, and then, marketing it to people

The Solution:-
We found that the “Storytelling” approach would be reasonable as it is one of the brand humanization best practices, helping your brand build the community that loves it.
So we started building a Community around a Fictional Character who shares the same “Weight loss” problems and pain points  with our ideal buyer personas.

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بكل بساطه انا بنوته احتارت من كتر ما بتعمل دايت مع نفسها و كل مره تفشل … لكن دلوقتى انا قررت اشارككم كل حاجه عشان ابقى…

Posted by ‎انا قررت اخس‎ on Wednesday, May 7, 2014


تعالوا احكيلكوا عملت ايه النهارده… زى ما انتوا عارفين خرجت مع صحابى البنات و رحنا نتغدى برا ^_^

انا كنت مؤدبه جدا الص…

Posted by ‎انا قررت اخس‎ on Thursday, May 15, 2014


هياكلوا وانا هتفرج عليهم 🙁

العزومات وقت الدايت حرام :'(

Posted by ‎انا قررت اخس‎ on Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The Results:-
We built a REAL community by helping people to lose weight through our Social Content,and this did not help us only to market for our weight loss products, but it developed Brand loyalty and built a connection between the buyer personas and the product itself, that they actually ended up defending it against any bad comments.

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