Wild Burger Case Study

Social Contests: are one type of Social Content, that is made to encourage engagement, build/revive brand’s relationship with prospects and audience on Social Media.

The Challenge:-
“Wild Burger”, a brand in the food industry,wanted to build its online community as its marketing team was focusing only on offline marketing neglecting various online presence benefits.

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"Sandwich Design & photography Competition"
أول مسابقه هيعملها وايلد برجر

خطوات المسابقه :

الخطوه الاولي:
كل واحد هي…

Posted by WILD BURGER on Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Solution:- (Social Contest)
We needed an engagement-triggering idea to revive the brand relationship with its existing customers , but how?
We conducted a Social Competition, making the current customers Design an epic sandwich and  snap a selfie photos with it, and the post with the highest number of engagement will be the winner

عشان نسهل عليكى اختيار حجم الـSandwich بتاعك .. عملنا ترمومتر البرجر … 😀

قوليلنا انتى انهى واحده فيهم 😉
و اعملى منشن لصاحباتك اللى بينطبق عليهم الكلام ده 😉

Posted by WILD BURGER on Thursday, May 29, 2014

لو جي Wild burger ومش عارف تختار انهي حجم الـSandwich .. عملنا لك ترمومتر البرجر 😀

قوللنا انت انهى واحد فيهم 😉
و متنساش تعمل منشن لصحابك اللي بتحب تيجي معاهم

Posted by WILD BURGER on Thursday, June 5, 2014

We also decided to market this restaurant’s value proposition “Fully-Personal & Self-Customized Burger” through this Social Competition which costs less and way more effective
The Result:-
We were able to raise the bar higher and widen our total community size from 4000 fan to 20,000 fan in only 25 days, with an extremely low budget 50$.

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